Houston house buyers And What We Look For

Buying a home in Houston

As Houston house buyers, there are a few things that we look at to make sure we are making a sound purchase. If you’re curious about whether or not we would be interested in your home, here are the things we look for. Of course, you can get in touch with us for more details on your particular situation.

A home has to not just be a fixer upper if you want us to pay a good price for it. When we look at a home before we buy it, we inspect everything from the plumbing to the heating and air systems. If there are a lot of problems then we’re going to add up what they would cost to fix and subtract that amount from what we would pay. That way, if we do buy it we are able to use that money to fix up the home so we can make it sellable.

Amenities in a beautiful Sugar land homeA house that has extra amenities like a pool will add value to it as long as those things are in good shape. You should also consider fixing up the outside of your home if you want to sell it because curb appeal actually has a big bearing on the price. For instance, if the grass is all dead and there isn’t much going on in the way of plants, people are going to think that the inside is in bad shape even if it isn’t. Since it’s not too expensive to fix up a yard, make sure that you do so before trying to sell to us.

Be prepared to negotiate, because most of the time people want to work with us on a better price. We’ll probably go a little more or offer a little less depending on what you want to have us pay. If we don’t agree on a price, don’t worry because chances are we can either keep working until we do agree on something or you can sell to someone else. We just have to make sure that we are going to make enough money on the home when we sell it later to repay us for what we spent on it and our time.Negotiating a home price in the Bayou City

As the premier home buyers in Houston, we are presented with many options and opportunities to purchase homes. It’s just a matter of them being in good shape and meeting the conditions you learned about here. When you’re ready to sell your home, contact us and we can make it happen!