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The Importance of Cleaning Central Air Conditioning Units

Central air conditioning is considered to be an absolute must in climates that vary between warm and hot during the summer months. The southern half of the United States fits into this category, and anyone living in a home with some form of air conditioning understands how necessary this convenience is. Those living in cooler climates also appreciate the convenience of central air when the midsummer temperatures rise along with higher levels of humidity.

Homeowners who have central air conditioning in their home should take care to keep the unit properly maintained and working well. The best time to schedule cleaning central air conditioning units is in the spring before the hot weather arrives. Many people call a professional to clean their unit and check for any maintenance that should be taken care of.

Cleaning central air conditioning units is not difficult, but a specific procedure should be followed to ensure the task is done properly. The first step of the process is to turn off the power to the unit to make sure there is no risk of an electrical shock. This is important since it will be necessary to access and check the electric motor located inside the condenser coil that is the outdoor part of the air conditioner.

There is a fan inside the condenser coil that moves the outside air into the unit where the fins cool it before being pushed into the indoor vents to cool the home. This process results in debris, dirt, leaves and grass clippings being sucked into the unit and blocking airflow through the fins. This decreases the efficiency of the unit, and it will require more energy to work, so the fins should be thoroughly cleaned with a small vacuum.

The electric motor that operates the fan is also located inside the condenser coil, and it should be checked over. The motor may have lubrication ports, so five drops of oil specified for electric motors should be applied. If any drips of oil are noticed, the condenser may be leaking, and an air conditioner repair service should be called in.

The interior workings of a central air unit should also be cleaned when needed. Since the cooled air is circulated through the same vent system as the furnace, the furnace filter should be changed if it is dirty or clogged. The power supply to the furnace should be turned off before beginning this chore. This ensures the blower will not come on which would blow dust into the system. There is an evaporator coil located in the plenum that pulls the humidity out of the cooled air. The excess water is expelled through a condensation tube. This tube should be checked to make sure it is not clogged.

It is important to wait until the outdoor temperature is 60 degrees or above before cleaning both the outdoor and indoor components of a central air unit. Once the unit is cleaned, it should not be used for at least 24 hours. If you have any questions and live in the Cypress, Tx area- be sure to get in touch with a local air conditioning expert, and he will be happy to help out.